Micro needling – ouch! Why would I want that?!

Dr Molly Anderson

We have been offering Dermapen micro needling treatments at the Fontmell Clinic since June but not everyone knows what this is  – including my own sister!  Here I explain to her why I love it…


Kitty: Ok, so please explain to me why I would want lots of little needles jabbed into my face?


Molly: Don’t panic.  It’s nothing scary. Basically, as we age we lose collagen – the wonderful stuff that makes our skin look smooth and plump. Micro needling works by creating light trauma to the skin, which then stimulates the production of collagen and elastin therefore improving the look and texture of our skin.


K: Is this a completely new treatment or am I just way behind the times?


M: The idea of needling may have been around for hundreds, even thousands, of years, starting with ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptian health practices.  However, needling for cosmetic and medical purposes is relatively new.  In 2004 the first dermal roller was introduced.  Dermapen came on the scene about four years ago and is a more technologically advanced process.

It has evolved over that time and we use the dermapen3, which is the latest and most advanced professional model.


K: So, how does it work exactly?


M: It is a pen shaped device with a disposable tip, which has lots of little needles.  It moves quickly up and down as you glide across the skin – creating that micro trauma that we talked about earlier.  The vertical needle insertion reduces pain and unwanted damage and the small size of the tip means the dermapen can treat hard to reach areas such as those around the eyes and nose.


The little punctures can also act as micro-channels to help products used on the skin penetrate more deeply for an increased effect.


K: But doesn’t it hurt?


M: It really isn’t that bad.  Because the tip moves up and down so fast it is more of a buzzing sensation on the skin.


K: What can it help with?  I could do with a bit of a skin boost.  Oh, and I have a scar on my back from where I had a mole removed – could it help this?


M: Micro needling can be used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, scarring from acne, surgery or trauma, stretch mark, pigmentation… and more!


You will start seeing results after the first treatment but courses are usually 4-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.


I like that the dermapen treats the whole face so there are no areas that are “done” or “not done”.  The results are natural and glowing.


K: How would it fit into my overall beauty regimen?


M: It works best alongside an effective skin care regime (though we might need to discuss vitamin C, AHAs and retinol another day…) – so get your skin prepped first ideally.


There is minimal downtime but you may have some facial redness for 12 – 48 hours following treatments, so I wouldn’t suggest you have it done right before a big party or event.


It is best to wait several days before or after injections for fine lines and wrinkles but the treatments do compliment each other, and can work really well alongside facial peels also.


K: Sounds great!  Can I have a voucher for Christmas please?!


M: Oh, go on then…!

Great skin can have a huge impact on our self-confidence.  At the Fontmell Clinic we offer a variety of clinic and home based treatments that can really make a difference to how you look and feel.  It’s not “one size fits all” so please come and see us to talk about a personalised care plan. We offer a free initial consultation.  And, of course, gift vouchers for Christmas..!


Dermapen treatments start at £150.


Dr Molly Anderson is a GP with a special interest in skin and women’s health.